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Dori Johnson has successfully traveled around the world competing, training, coaching, and instructing riders in a variety of disciplines.  Since 2002, she has prepared and assisted multiple riders and their mounts to win National Championships in Polocrosse, Mounted Games, Working Equitation, and many Pony Club disciplines including Eventing and Show Jumping.  She is a certified Ride Right Coach, and A Rated Pony Club graduate, and one of the top female Polocrosse players in the U.S.  Dori addresses topics with a positive, energetic, and often humorous outlook that allows riders to feel comfortable and shows them how to enjoy riding, both at home and in competition.  She firmly believes that mind and body awareness are critical when creating a successful, happy horse and rider team.  With this in mind, she encourages her riders to set goals and assists them in managing stress.  Her well rounded equestrian background has allowed Dori to help numerous horses and riders succeed in achieving their equestrian goals.

​Dori Johnson

(301) 346 - 7418

Major Accomplishments:
US Polocrosse World Cup Team (2011 & 2015)

Working Equitation Novice level Champion (2014 & 2015)
Coach of US Polocrosse Youth Team (2010 & 2012)
Polocrose A Grade National Champion (2008, 2010, 2014)
Ride Right Certified Coach (2008 - present)
Member of US Polcrosse Team (2008 - present)
Pony Club "A" Graduate (2007)
US Mounted Games Taem (2004 & 2006)

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