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Want to try Polocrosse?  

Great!  It is very easy to set up a Polocrosse Clinic.  Any horse (that doesn't kick) and any level rider (who can comfortably steer in an open field) can play Polocrosse.  Although the Polocrosse field is 160 x 60 yards, the sport can be learned in a very small space, even an arena or indoor.  Dori will bring all the equipment needed (rackets, balls, pinnies, and other goodies), so participants just need to bring what they normally would use to ride.  Polocrosse Clinics are full of laughs and lots of fun.  Contact Dori to set up a clinic at your local barn or with your club.

​Dori Johnson

(301) 346 - 7418

What is Polocrosse?Polocrosse is a thrilling combination of Lacrosse and Polo.  Players pick up, carry, pass, bounce, and score goals with a racket and softball size, bouncy, rubber ball.  The game is played on a 60 x 160yd field, which is typically grass.  The sport was created by the Australians, but is played worldwide.  It's been said that Polocrosse is more than a sport - it's an addiction.  I must say, I agree completely :)

Dori is one of the top women Polocrosse players in the world.  She has traveled around the world to South Africa, New Zealand, and multiple times to Australia and the UK playing Polocrosse.  Dori has gotten the opportunity to play with and against the best and receive coaching from multiple International Champions.  Dori represented the United States at the 2011 World Cup and was the ladies captain for the 2015 US World Cup Team.  Within the States, Dori travels regularly to Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin. for competitions and clinics.