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Curious how you "line up"?  Wondering if the rider might be the cause to your some issues you're having with your horse?  Want to know what makes your leg to swing or hands bounce?  Why is the sitting trot so hard to sit?  The Video Analysis Clinic will answer all these questions and give you solutions.  

Want to become a better balanced, stronger rider?  Want to have a solid core (yay, tighter abs!) and not run out of breath on Cross Country?  Cross Training can help equestrians become better riders without even stepping foot on a horse.

Cross training is training in different ways to improve overall performance.  Ride Right along with the USET has developed some rider-specific, unmounted exercises using a balance board.  These fun and effective exercises improve your riding by helping identify and solve imperfections in your balance, symmetry, posture, body-awareness, and suppleness.  These exercises also created to strengthen the core and create supple, flexible muscles that are essential for riding.  The Balance and Symmetry, Fitness and Conditioning, Circuit Training, and Boot Camp are all unmounted.

The Video Analysis clinics help riders identify and solve imperfections in their position by allowing them to see themselves on video.  Thanks to technology, Dori is able to video all riders on her tablet, connect it to the TV, show each rider in slow motion, and freeze frame it to draw directly on the screen.  When an imperfection is identified, Dori explains its cause and describes its solution using the latest techniques and mental images.  After the analysis, participants are immediately able to start improving their position and reviewing the new mental images they learned by riding in a group follow up lesson with Dori.

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