So, tell me, what did ya think?

Our group varied from dead beginner to skilled player and yet, for each skill Dori presented, she amended the level, degree and execution of that skill so that each person had a definitive 'take away' that they could use immediately. In addition, she introduced concepts and set-ups that some of the players who have ten or fifteen years on the field had not tried that play or concept.

The video analysis was likely one of the most painfully rewarding aspects of the clinic as it captured an honest view of our bodies while riding. Thankfully, Dori was able to provide a solution to the flaws that we observed and to this day, our members use the same vernacular that Dori taught us to remind each other. It is not uncommon to hear shouts of "WONDERBRA!!" and "THUMB TACKS" while on our field. Highly recommend Dori's individual lessons, clinics, and seminars. Absolutely practical, insightful and the "head case" seminar had an unusual aspect that resonated with us long after.

 Lia Levi

Polocrosse Enthusiast and Mom
Clinic Organizer and Participant
Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Hi Dori,

      Thank you again for the interesting and insightful Equestrian Sports Psychology Seminar you presented at the North Woods Dressage Association Awards Banquet.  The information you presented built on the Ride Right Equestrian Cross Training Workshop you did at the banquet last year.  All of the members came away from your presentation with new techniques for enhancing their riding and showing experiences.

     Thank you also for the Psycho Clinic you did for Arrowhead Pony Club.  Again, this mounted clinic used the principles of the Ride Right Seminar you presented to the Pony Club last February.  The kids really enjoyed riding with you and learned a lot about how much rider attitude affects performance. 

        All of the clinics and seminars you have presented, both mounted and unmounted, blend mind and body to create a more enjoyable and confident and horse and rider team.  Your teaching techniques are always geared towards the ages and abilities of the riders.  We have received only positive comments from riders and participants, Pony Club members to dressage riders.  We look forward to working with you in the future.

 Kathy Roby
DC Arrowhead Pony Club
Vice-President North Woods Dressage Association
Duluth, Minnesota

Dori has a delightful blend of enthusiasm, humor, energy, and knowledge when she teaches. Her students are engaged and challenged, and she makes learning fun and exciting. Dori inspires her students to work hard, but there is always a smile on their face. My children have learned new skills from Dori and have gone on to be very competitive in their equestrian endeavors.

Joan Rich
Pony Club Mother of three
Ride Right Psycho Clinic Participant
Menomonie, Wisconsin

​Dori Johnson

(301) 346 - 7418

Dear Dori,

Thank you so much for the incredible Polocrosse & Games clinic you recently gave at our Pony Club Riding Center! Your flexibility and enthusiasm was certainly appreciated. You made it seem so easy to just hop on a plane and come out for one day and give our clinic and hop right back on the plane without missing a beat. Everyone at the clinic commented especially how you utilized the time so well and loved how you incorporated the auditors in to feel like they were definitely part of the clinic. You were non-stop from 8am until the sun went down at 5pm. We had brand new riders up to advanced riders and you were able to give every single person in the group a quality lesson. It was truly exciting to see how fast you were able to get the older kids to actually play some chukkas. Everyone had a great time. The Ride Right balance board clinic was also a huge hit and added a nice dynamic to the day.  We are excited to have you back again in a month to keep the momentum going! Thank you so much.

Mary Jo Bullock
Center Administrator
Tahquitz Pony Club Riding Center
Indio, California

Hey Dori,
Thanks for all your help teaching clinics & lessons for my pony club kids, polocrosse players, and myself.  The lessons you have given me have improved my riding ability tremendously, inspired me to be a better polocrosse player, and given me new ways of analyzing my riding so I can be productive even when you aren't there.  You truly have a gift as an instructor and it transcends throughout any discipline (Eventing, Pony Club, Ride Right Clinics, Polocrosse, Games).  When I took a step back from teaching/training due to my expanding family, I was able to recommend you to a handful of people.  I was surprised at how many calls I received from parents, organizers, barn managers expressing their gratitude for sending you to them.  I can say you are the most dynamic, energetic, inspiring, hilarious instructor and through all that accomplish amazing things with these students.  My favorite is when I ask my old students how things are going with you.  Instantly they smile when I say your name and they have numerous stories about now being able to ride their horse in a frame, they can pick up the polocrosse ball from the canter, do a rollback, or just the silly analogies (laser beams, closing the sock drawer, etc) to help them visualize what they need to be doing with their riding position.  It's a treat to see how much fun they have with you and how much work they get accomplished.
If you ever need a reference, please give them my number.  Thanks for everything you've done to make us better riders and most importantly the horses thank you for making their lives better!  :)
Kristi Johnson
President of Minnesota Polocrosse Club
Trainer from Krilabe Farms
Graduate 'A' Pony Clubber
Polocrosse Player

​Afton, Minnesota

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